Our commitments.

Produce sustainable socks and tights, respecting the environment and relying on the unique skills of our Vosges workers.

Respect for the environment

Producing socks in the heart of the Parc Naturel des Vosges, could only be done in harmony with nature. Thus, we only use dyed yarns certified Eoko-Tex, guaranteeing the absence of substances harmful to health. Our factory respects the environment that surrounds it. We systematically and scrupulously recycle the waste we produce. This represents 25 tons of recycled cardboard per year, 20 tons of recycled textile waste and 6 tons of recycled plastics. Finally, 80% of the plant's electricity needs are self-produced thanks to the use of a hydroelectric turbine.

Sustainable products.

BlueBlueBerry is committed to programmed obsolescence. Our Research and Development department is constantly seeking to improve the durability of our products, choosing the best yarns available from our historical suppliers and constantly improving finishes (e.g. heel and toe reinforcements). In its study of March 2018, the association Halte à l'Obsolescence Programmée ranks Bleuforêt among the most durable tights brands on the market.

Responsible production.

In order to guarantee a responsible production model, we produce, without intermediaries, the quantities planned as precisely as possible, without overproduction, waste or destruction of unsold products. All our suppliers (printers, cardboard makers) are chosen within a radius of a few kilometres around the factory to reduce transport times. To minimize our carbon footprint, our spinners are all French or European (Italy, Germany).

A social model.

Choosing a 100% French production has become obvious for Bleuforêt. Continuing to rely on the unique know-how of the textile workers in our Vosges valley is today a strong commitment that is anchored in the brand's DNA. The Vosges textile industry has been hard hit over the last 30 years by successive relocations. The takeover of the company by the Marie Family in 1994 saved 180 jobs in the region and enabled hundreds of others to work through the local companies we work with.