Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ below presents some of the common concerns of our customers, if you have any further questions, please send it to


I’ve forgotten my password

I am unable to create my account

How can I change my personal details?

What should I do in the event that I fail to receive your emails or your newsletters?

How can I unsubscribe to your newsletters?

Do I need to create an account on the Bleuforêt site to place an order?


How can I find the details of my orders?

I never received a registered acknowledgement of my order has it been properly recorded?

I have still not received my order. What should I do?

Can I change my order or cancel an item?

I made a mistake, I’d like to cancel my order in progress is it possible?

How can I know if the articles I am interested in are actually available?

The item I received is not that which I ordered, what can I do?


What are the delivery deadlines in France?

What are the shipping charges in France?

What are the international delivery terms (delays, tariffs)?

Can I have my package sent to another address?

How do I track my package?


What are the available payment methods?

Is my online payment secure?

What is a PayPal payment?

Can I pay for my order using a check?

How do I receive a copy of my bill?


How do I return an item and obtain reimbursement if I am dissatisfied?

How can I exchange an item?

Is there a time limit for returns?

How long before I receive my reimbursement?

How will I be reimbursed?


Are your products manufactured exclusively in France?

Is it possible to visit your factory?

Do you have any factory outlets?

Where do your raw materials come from?

Which dyes do you use?

Where do the dyes come from?

Do you guarantee the absence of lead in your dyes?