French manufacturing

Bleuforêt, creator of footwear accessories since 1994, makes its entire collection of socks and tights in France in the Vosges and perpetuates a unique know-how around the knitting of textile fibre. A knowledge that has developed over the years in this Vosges valley, historically recognized for its skilled workforce in the textile industry. A tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. The requirement for quality and attention to detail are at the heart of the design of each item to guarantee you a durable product.

Made in Vosges

Making the choice of French manufacturing has always been an obvious choice for Bleuforêt. And this was long before it became a trend.
The company relies on an ancestral know-how present in this Vosges valley.
It opts for a reasoned and environmentally friendly production with a strong desire to manufacture a sustainable product from natural materials
These are the commitments that define Bleuforêt's DNA.

The manufacturing steps of a sock

From yarn to finished product, discover how our skilled workers work to produce quality socks and tights.

The knitting

Our socks are knitted on high-tech looms. The latter form meshes that intertwine to obtain, according to the technique used, jersey, ribbed, jacquard or stitch patterns. It takes less than 15 seconds for a loom to knit a sock!


The socks are then put on flat shapes and passed through a steam chamber to be ironed. Your socks are thus free of all unsightly folds.

Quality control

Our hosiery workers check the quality of our socks at every stage of production to offer you products with impeccable finishes.

Folding & packaging

Your socks are folded and assembled in pairs and finally, we add a cardboard rider who mentions all the commercial information of your products. All these operations are manual and carried out in our Vosges factory.


Our shipping department prepares your orders every day so that you can be delivered as soon as possible. Fast and efficient, our shipping team takes care of your socks and ensures delivery within 48 hours.